Varlos simplifies leadership.
Membership management, communication
and payment collection software for group leaders.

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Groups, organizations, teams of any size use Varlos to reduce the headaches and time involved tracking member contributions.

Increase Contributions

Our simple and easy to use platform makes it easier to accept payments and donations.

Offline & Online Payments

Record offline cash and check payments, process credit cards quickly through Varlos.

Send Invoices & Reminders

Easily send group members invoices via email. Members can quickly submit payments.

Create Campaigns

Use Campaigns to raise money, organize payments and track contributions in one place.

Track Membership Status

Membership features make it easy to track the status of each group members status.

Improve Visibility

Easily see membership status, history of payments, success of campaigns and much more.

Built specifically for leadership teams.

We built Varlos around the specific needs of group and organizational leaders. Our mission is to simplify the payment collection process, so you can focus on other leadership tasks. Create an account, invite other leaders within your group, populate your membership list and start tracking contributions. We have built Varlos to be simple to use.

Notes from our users...

For years our group has suffered from not being able to collect enough membership dues to fund our yearly activities. With Varlos, we now literally have 95% of our members paying. We can now afford events without stressing about having money in the bank. - Amy Fuller

Woot, woot to Varlos. I have spent too many evenings after my full-time day job creating spreadsheets and making calls to group members to send in their payments. Now I just email them an invoice. Those that pay by cash and check, I can easily record it within Varlos. - Nick Moyer

During our team meetings, I walk around with Varlos on my iPad and record everyone’s payment. Check, cash or credit card, no problem. We can also track payments based on campaigns. No more spreadsheets, thank you Varlos! - Mariah Jenkins

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